社團法人中華新能源科Innovative Energy Technology Association


Advance development and applications of innovative energy technologies to protect and promote environment.

  • (1) Raise awareness of current and future directions of research development of innovative energy technology
  • (2) Facilitate establishment of collaborative partnerships across disciplines and between entities
  • (3) Streamline innovative energy technology research from development to commercialization to benefit broad stakeholders
  • (4) Enable collaborative research to address long-standing needs to advance innovative energy technology
  • (1) Develop web-based platform to enable research collaborations to fulfill current gaps.
  • (2) Provide up-to-date information (tech brief) of research and development relevant to innovative energy & environmental technologies.
  • (3) Promote knowledge exchange through annual conferences and bimonthly newsletters/journals publications.
  • (4) Educate next generation of innovative energy & environmental technologies through workshops, e.g., Green Energy: Solar, wind, water, geothermal & fuel cells; Clean Energy: Gasification, CO2 capture and conversion; Sustainable Environment: Circular economics, sea/waste water desalination & recycling/reuse.